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Visitation Services FAQ's

This program is designed to serve children in out-of-home care, who are the subjects of dependency and neglect actions, and who have a Court Order which requires supervision of the "parenting time" between the children and members of their families of origin, or who the County Department determines to be in need of supervised visitation.  In some cases, this "parenting time," whether with birth parents or other extended family members, could be safely provided in the home of the birth parent/extended family members or in another community location which would be less formal, and more neutral, than alternatives in the County Department of Social Services or other agency buildings.

Who Is Eligible?

Any child(ren) who are the subject of dependency and neglect actions requiring supervised "parenting time" by the Court or the County Department of Social Services.

What Are The Types of Services Available?

A continuum of visitation services will be offered by the contracting agency, offering supervision of visitations involving children in out-of-home care at three different levels.

"Monitored" Visitation - in some situations, children in out-of-home care need only transportation to visitations with birth family members, a reasonable and save visitation location and a supervisor to assure that the family members are providing for the safety of the child(ren) during the visit. 

"Supervised" Visitation - More restrictive than the first level of the continuum, this visitation would required that the supervisor monitor not only the physical behavior and activities of the visit, but remain within a distance reasonable to monitor communication with the children during the visit.

"Therapeutic" Visitation - When the goal of a dependency and neglect action remains reunification with the birth family, supervision at this level would focus on more than assessment of the interaction and the safety and well-being of the children, although those goals would certainly be included.  If possible, and with the approval of the County Caseworker, this level of visitation should (at least, eventually) occur within the family home.

Where are these services available?

Currently Presidio is operating a Visitation Center in a house located in Weld County as our primary population is from Weld County.  However, we have available facilities in the Denver Metro area to serve the growing needs of that population as well.

Who do I contact regarding visitation services?

For more information, call Presidio's Main Office at:

Main Office: 303-432-2298
Toll Free: 1-888-303-8768
FAX: 303-432-2297


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