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Colorado Department of Human Services State Rule on Training

State Rule - 7.708.65 A1
Revised - September 1, 2002 

"The certifying authority (Presidio, Inc.) shall have an introductory training and orientation program for all foster parents.  This program shall include, at a  minimum, 27 hours of initial core training consisting of at least 12 hours prior to placement of a child and the remaining hours to be completed within 3 months after placement, including orientation to emergency and safety procedures and the general specific duties and responsibilities of being a foster parent."

State Rule - 7.708.65 D
Revised - September 1, 2002

"Annually, each foster parent must complete 20 hours of on-going specific training as required in his/her training development plan ( . . .) Foster parents providing therapeutic services must complete an additional 12 hours of on-going training annually for a total of 32 hours of training."

As part of supporting foster parents in their compliance with this State rule for Family Foster Homes, Presidio is offering several opportunities of training. The training is open to anyone who wishes to pre-register and participate.

Although the specific training offered by Presidio is not required, it is required that ALL of Presidio's Co-Parents must complete the state required 20 hours of foster-care-related training. There are a number of agencies that offer appropriate training, including that of the Colorado State Foster Parent Association and the National Foster Parent Association. It is also the responsibility of each Co-Parent to provide written proof of attendance, i.e. a certificate, mailed to Presidio's main office. Please do not turn them in to your Treatment Coordinators.

If you have any questions, please contact Presidio's main office.

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Foster Parent Training

The following listings are agencies and contacts that offer excellent on-going foster parent, parent and other related professional training throughout the year in the State of Colorado from Pueblo to Ft. Collins and the Metro Denver area.

Presidio, Inc
See our schedule for current or scheduled training presented by Presidio, Inc.  We provide Core Pre-Service training to all our potential foster parents and we provide On-going training open to all foster parents throughout the year!
Foster & Adoptive Parent Training: Sponsored by the Colorado Department of Human Services
For more information call 1-888-569-1830 or 303-556-5205.
Online Training Opportunities
Foster Parent Community offers excellent on-line discussions with qualified professionals specializing in special needs children in the child welfare system.  The Foster Parent Community is dedicated to providing a tremendous amount of foster parent resources to foster parents.  
Many foster care agencies are accepting training hour credits for online training (Presidio is one of them!).  Qualified professionals and experienced foster parents provide a cirricula that is to be reviewed.  After submitting answers to a few questions, a certificate is issued for anywhere from 2 to 4 credits!
Visit and click on "Online Training" for details.  Please check with your individual agency for their online training policy.  If they would like to someone to contact, please have them do so by emailing:
Here are some other resources found from the Foster Parent Community web site suggestions for training/ educational resources:

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First Aid & CPR Certification

State Rules and Regulation require the primary care provider of every licensed foster home to be First Aid & CPR Certified.  Without being very specific in the written rules, State Supervisors have said that BOTH foster parents must be certified.  The Red Cross has been the most reliable in offering the best quality training around.  Click on the link below for more information:
Once your are at this site, click on Health & Safety to find out when and where you can get certified for First Aid and CPR in the Denver Metro area.  You can also take a look at their First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers.  You may also contact the Red Cross at 303-722-7474 ext. 126

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* NOTE TO PRESIDIO FOSTER PARENTS - as with any non-Presidio training, be sure you complete the "Pre-Approval" request form prior to attending and training you wish to receive credit for. It is then your responsibility to provide proof of any extended education or training so that it can be maintained in your file.  Also, all training to be included and count toward your required hours MUST be related to children, foster care, or parenting.  Please refer questions to your treatment coordinator.

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