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Family Preservation

Our primary goals of treatment are to preserve the family, prevent placement in a more restrictive environment, normalize and reintegrate institutionalized children, and /or prepare children and their families to function self-sufficiently.  Services may include Co-Parenting, Home-Based Therapy, and involving biological parents in providing for their children's basic needs.  Parent training and education in infant mental can be provided.  Family Preservation Services may be utilized prior to placement, during placement, or as an after-care service.
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Assessment Services

Presidio has an invaluable team of professionals that not only provide Clinical Case Assessments and Permanency Planning, but encompasses licensed psychiatric and psychological services, including medication monitoring/supervision, as well as full psychiatric and psychological evaluations, Family Interactional Assessments and Forensic Interviews.
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Program Components

Therapeutic Direct-Care Services are provided and coordinated by the Co-Parent(s) and the treatment team.  Direct-care responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to providing for basic needs, 24-hour care and supervision, discipline, transportation, and instruction in personal and social development.  Direct-Care Services may also include an individualized daily treatment strategy such as behavior modification (point/level system), social learning (skill-streaming), and /or rapport-based programming. 
Review Staffings are held every thirty to sixty days, depending on the need, or as agreed upon by the social service worker/guardian ad-litem and Presidio.  Staffings are held in the home where the child is place and include all professional providers and legal representatives.  A written report is submitted following each review staffing.
Educational Services will be coordinated and provided according to each child's individual needs.  
Health and Medical Services will be coordinated and provided according to each child's individual needs.  The child's parent(s) may be asked to participate in meeting their child's health-care needs.  Specialized programming may be designed for medically sensitive children.
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Therapeutic Services

Since prevention and treatment go hand and hand, many of the services can be integrated.  All of our therapeutic services are provided by licensed and fully credentialed clinicians having at minimum ten years of previous experience. 
Our child-focused therapy services available:
Individual, Couple, Sibling, Family, and/or Play Therapy. 
We can also provide Therapeutic Parent-Child Visitation services, both monitored and supervised.
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Other Available Services

RTC Respite Services are available in addition to crisis intervention and other placement support services.  Recognizing that children in foster-care often require a more restrictive environment for short periods of time.  Presidio contracts with several residential treatment centers for emergency respite care.
Network Services: Presidio is committed to facilitating solutions for children and families, both within our organization and through collaboration with outside agencies.  Additional specialized services and referrals are available.  Requests for specialized services may be made at the time of the referral, or at any other time.

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