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Here we have collected some of the best resources available to the professional foster parenting community, as well as other therapeutic child care professionals and parents. We have emphasized on the mental health and well being of children and families.   Please see our release note at the end of this page.  Also visit  What's Hot on the Web  from Co-Parent's Corner for more fun and entertaining links!

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* This page last reviewed and updated - October, 2002

Foster Care and Adoption Resources

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Family & Parenting Resources

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Health Resources

Health Organizations

General Health

Child Development Resources

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Mental Health Resources


Children and Adolescents




Other Childhood Disorders and Resources

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Education Resources

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Child Advocacy and Child Protection Resources

Child Abuse and Prevention Resources

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Government: National, State and Local Resources

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Research and Welfare Reform Resources


Welfare Reform

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Important release note: Please keep in mind that the content of each site is not endorsed by Presidio, Inc.  The medical and mental health resources strongly encourage you seek professional medical/mental health advice and that the information provided is for your personal and educational use. Please contact us with problem links or suggestions you would like us to consider.

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