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The following are some of our most frequently asked questions about Presidio and foster care.  If you need further assistance, please feel free contact us.

About PresidioInc

About Foster Parenting

General Questions


What is PresidioInc?

PresidioInc is a Colorado nonprofit child placement agency dedicated to providing quality therapeutic foster care and out-client services to children, youth and families. The mission of Presidio, Inc., is to create a therapeutic environment conducive to the individual needs of each child in placement.


Who is PresidioInc?

The administrators of PresidioInc have been involved in foster care for close to thirty years. PresidioInc's staff are diverse in education and experience, creating a rich and innovative treatment team. PresidioInc offers both therapeutic foster care and a wide array of assessment and therapeutic services.

PresidioInc has over thirty licensed foster care homes in Colorado. Currently, our homes stretch from south of the Denver metro area through Greeley and Ft. Collins. Our Co-Parents are diverse in race, religion, age, education and income; as a result PresidioInc does not discriminate.


What is a Co-Parent?

A Co-Parent is Presidio's term for foster parent.   Co-operative team work is how we can provide the best possible services for the children and families involved in our program.  The Co-Parents are an essential and vital to the team


Who are the children in our care?

All of the children in PresidioInc's care are under protective custody. PresidioInc receives children through referrals from various County Departments of Social/Human Services. The majority of our children are school age (ages 5-18), and are ethnically reflective of Colorado's population. The children, in most instances, have been removed from their home setting due to extreme abuse, abandonment and neglect. Most suffer from behavioral or post-trauma disorders.


Can a foster home choose the type of child placed in their home?

Yes. Careful consideration and pre-placement routines are taken to ensure the proper matching of each child in a foster home, prior to a placement. Co-Parents are the central ingredient to a treatment model that focuses on the healing value of a home setting. We want to ensure success of a child in a home and prevent the trend of multiple placements.


Why do Counties refer children to us?

Many counties recognize and respect what PresidioInc's program offers to severely emotionally and physically abused children. The goal of our treatment is to preserve the family, prevent placement into a more restrictive environment, normalize and reintegrate institutionalized children, and/or prepare children and their families to function self-sufficiently. Our high standards have established a strong community reputation for providing effective services.


Does PresidioInc receive infants and toddlers for care?

Rarely. We do however, place teen moms and babies in appropriate foster homes.  If you are interested in toddlers and infants for foster care placement, check our LINKS PAGE for references or go to  The agencies that specialize in infant and toddler placements are foster/adopt and adoption agencies.


What happens if the foster family wants to adopt?

The desire to adopt a child inspires many families to pursue options within foster care. Foster care can be a wonderful opportunity to experience a child in your home prior to an adoptive commitment. PresidioInc is not involved in the direct adoptive process. We will, however, refer families to the proper agencies in the event that an adoption is requested and support the Co-parent(s) through the process.  If you are interested specifically in adoption check our LINKS PAGE for some resources to check out.


How does reimbursement for services work?

Co-Parents are reimbursed and compensated with one monthly check by the 20th day of the month following the month in which services were provided. Services provided in January, for example, will be reimbursed by February 20th. The one check will include a state regulate maintenance rate plus compensation.   Please see our Foster Parent Application Information   for further information on reimbursement.


Does PresidioInc provide 24-hour assistance?

Yes. PresidioInc realizes that emergencies can and do occur around the clock. Our Treatment Coordinators and Administrators rotate 24-hour on-call duties. In the event of an emergency, call Presidio's office at (303) 432-2298 and listen for emergency instructions.


How do I become a license Co-Parent with PresidioInc?

To become a license Co-Parent with PredisioInc you must first complete the application process.  Go to our Application Information page and print out the four page outline of the process.  If you are still interested in applying, please contact us and request an application form. 

The following is a list of items you will need as a part of completing your application.  A detailed list will be sent to you when you request an application form.

  • Completed application with at least five personal or professional references.
  • A completed set of finger prints for each family member over 18 years of age.  The CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) card will be provided in the application packet you request.
  • The primary care provider of the home MUST be and remain First Aid/CPR certified at all times.
  • A completed health evaluation for each member of the household.  A TB test is also required.  This form is also provided in the application packet you request.
  • Copy or your proof of automobile insurance
  • Copy or your drivers license


What is involved in a Home Study?

A Home Study is a two step procedure involving you and your entire family. 

Step One: Once your application is received, a qualified person from Presidio will contact you to schedule a Home Study Interview.   You and your family will be asked many personal questions about your background, extended family, personal beliefs, values, and other questions.  The questions are used to help Presidio administration in determining the capabilities of your household to undertake the involvement of foster children, county caseworkers, Presidio Treatment Coordinators, Presidio Contract Therapists and Psychologist, and the biological family involved with foster children in your home. 

Step Two: The final Home Study Evaluation and application will be reviewed by Presidio administration to determine if your qualifications meet our standards for professional therapeutic foster care.


How much training is involved to become a Co-Parent?

Colorado State Department of Human Services currently requires 20 hours of Pre-Service training for therapeutic foster care homes.   Presidio will schedule and announce preservice training's to those individuals who's applications have been received.


What if I am currently licensed by another child placement agency?

If you are currently licensed by another child placement agency we CANNOT accept your application.  However, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about changing to a different agency.  If you currently have foster children in placement there is an appeals procedure that we must follow prior to accepting your application.  The procedure involves letters and referrals from the current agency, the caseworkers of children in placement and our agency.  For details contact us or any other child placement agency, including the state and county.  If you have no children placed in your home, you simply need to resign.  We will need a copy of your resignation letter for our files.


What is a Child Placement Agency (CPA)?

A Child Placement Agency, defined at 26-6-102(2), C.R.S., is any corporation, partnership, association, firm, agency, institution, or person who places or arranges for placement of any child under the age of 16 years for purposes of foster care and/or adoption.  The natural parents or legal guardian of any child who places that child for care shall not be deemed to be a Child Placement Agency.


How many private child placement agencies (CPA's) are there in Colorado?

Colorado has over 100 private CPAs. To learn more, see


What is "respite"?

"Respite" is the term used in foster care to describe a break, usually at least 24-hours, from children in placed in a foster home. Respite providers must be approved by a Treatment Coordinator. Respite providers are required to provide Presidio with a completed respite application, be fingerprinted, and pass the Central Registry/FBI background check.

If you are interested in becoming a respite provider --- > click1.gif (2359 bytes)


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