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Dear Applicant,

Welcome to Presidio, Incorporated! Presidio, Inc., is a private child placement agency dedicated to providing quality services to children in foster care. The administrators of Presidio, Inc., have been involved in foster care for close to thirty years. They are committed to the on-going task of assisting children in need and improving the lives of their families. The mission of Presidio, Inc., is to create a therapeutic environment conducive to the individual needs of each child in placement. Co-Parents are the central ingredient to a treatment model that focuses on the healing value of a home setting.

This is an important and rewarding career opportunity. It is a chance to help children and help families stay together. Co-Parenting is a meaningful form of community involvement. It is a way to share your life and really make a difference in the lives of others.

Moreover, our Co-Parents are a part of the treatment team. Their professional opinions, observation, and recommendations are an integral part of our review process. They have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and obtain membership to various professional groups and associations. For many people this is a way to work from home and gain a sense of personal fulfillment.

In addition, a Treatment-Coordinator is assigned to each foster-home. Treatment-Coordinators manage all aspects of each child's case and they are available to Co-Parents 24-hours a day. Our experienced Co-Parents have the opportunity to move-up in the company, and may become trainers or managers.

I encourage you to consider all of the information provided, please feel free to call with any questions or concerns. You may schedule an appointment by contacting the administrative office at 303-432-2298. Thank you for your interest in foster-care with our Agency. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mark Esquibel, MS

Foster Care Coordinator

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